As working moms, we are very familiar with the frantic pace and unending to-do list that can feel less like running a business and more like it’s running us ragged! That’s why we started our business – The Rooted Bookkeeper. The name speaks of our need to clear away some of the endless paperwork and details of modern life, so that we can remain rooted in what makes life worth living – in the warmth and sunshine and laughter and love.

You started your business because you love what you do. And you’re good at it, too! Whether it’s creating homes, films, or bouquets of flowers, you bring what only you can, to a world that needs it.

Chances are, you didn’t get into your business because you love keeping track of inventory; or entering receipts; or running payroll. Why do these repetitive but necessary tasks have to take up so much time?

At the Rooted Bookkeeper, we do more than bookkeeping. We partner with you to serve your business – whether by creating a database of donors, acting as a virtual office assistant, or managing repetitive financial tasks – so that you can get back to doing the things you love.

Because we have only one life. And one thing this world needs is more people doing what they love.


Bookkeeping Services
All Services Include:

  • Free exploration meeting/phone call

  • Free support via email

  • Expertise of QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor

Bookkeeping Set-up Services

  • Get matched to accounting software that meets your business's unique needs

  • Set-up of your company with the software of your choice - settings, setting up your chart of accounts, creating custom invoices, etc.

  • 20% off software retail price with signed contract with The Rooted Bookkeeper

$300 (flat fee - up to 5 hrs work at $60/hr)
Basic Monthly Bookkeeping

  • -3 bank accounts, -2 cr card accounts, -50 transactions

  • Import bank statements

  • Categorize all transactions

  • Bank account & Credit card reconciliation

  • Quality checking (each credit matches an invoice, each debit has a receipt, each transaction is properly categorized, etc.)

  • Monthly Income Statement/Profit & Loss

  • Monthly Balance Sheet

  • Monthly 1 Additional Report of your choosing

$180/mo (flat fee - up to 3 hrs work at $60/hr)
Full Service Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Includes everything in Basic Monthly Bookkeeping Package

  • Create and Send Invoices ( -15 invoices)

  • Enter Bills and Create Checks ( -15 bills)

  • Enter Receipts ( -25 receipts)

  • Monthly (Aging) Invoices Due Report

  • Monthly Accounts Payable Report

$780/mo (flat fee - up to 13 hrs work at $60/hr)
Additional & À La Carte Bookkeeping Services
Invoicing & Accounts Receivable

  • Create and Send Invoices ( -15 invoices)

$240/mo (flat fee)

  • Automate Invoices

$180 (flat fee)

  • Learn how to receive payments using merchant services (paypal, stripe, square)

$240 (flat fee)

  • Monthly (Aging) Invoices Due Report

Included with all invoicing services
Bill Pay & Accounts Payable

  • Enter Bills and Create Checks ( -15 bills)

$240/mo (flat fee)

  • Enter Receipts ( -25 receipts)

$180/mo (flat fee)

  • Automate Bill Payment

$180-600 (flat fee)

  • Learn how to use the Quick Books Online mobile app

$240 (flat fee)

  • Monthly Accounts Payable Report

Included with all Bill Pay services
Additional Services
We are honored to serve your business. If there is anything we can do to help, please contact us at anneli@therootedbookkeeper.com!

  • Help completing business paperwork (EIN, state registration, & Google business registration, business bank account)

$300 (flat fee)

  • Basic website building

$720 (flat fee)

  • Consultation to build/maintain database


  • Personal Assistant Services


Contact us today to see if special pricing is available for your business’s needs!



For more information about our bookkeeping services, or to schedule time to talk about how to make more time for the things you love, please contact us below! We look forward to helping you do what you do best!